Happii E-Gift Card
Happii E-Gift Card
Happii E-Gift Card
Happii E-Gift Card
Happii E-Gift Card

Happii E-Gift Card


Not sure which pieces to get? 

Happii's E-Gift Card is the perfect way of letting them know that you care, while allowing them to choose what they want.

E-Gift Cards are sent to your email address immediately following your purchase. The email contains a code that can be applied at the end of the checkout process. The gift card does not expire, and is redeemable at happii.today instantly.

To send this gift card to your love one, print out the gift card page or forward the email to the their email address.

Send your loved ones a message of self-love and hope 💕

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From Our Customer

"I knew getting this shirt in the mail would be emotional, I just underestimated the extent. I was touched just opening the package and seeing goodies in an envelope with my handwritten name on it and my shirt beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper with a heart sticker...

The encouraging note on my order sheet made me cry like maybe they have even a small idea of how difficult the fight is sometimes. Words aren’t really doing justice to how I feel getting all this. I’m so glad they donated a portion of the price of my shirt to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Thank you so much Happii. 💜"

Mental Health Sweatshirts

Soft like puppy fur

Positive Affirmation Cards

Little words of love and encouragement

Mental Health Stickers

Tiny but mighty reminders

Love Yourself and Keep Go;ng

Hey friend, we're so happii you're here;

Founded by a mom with depression and anxiety, our mission is to promote mental health, self-love, and resilience.

Our products carry messages to remind you that you can do hard things, and you're worthy and enough even in your darkest moments.

We give back a portion of our sales to mental health programs to help those in need.

Let's practice happii thoughts together.
Because you deserve to be happy.

Clothes With A Mission

Inspiring self-love and resilience is our mission. Our clothes carry this mission inside and out, literally.

While our clothes feature messages to raise mental health awareness OUTSIDE, they also carry secret messages INSIDE 😍

Happii x AFSP

We're honored to announce a partnership with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Massachusetts Chapter🙏

In 2022, a portion of your purchase will be used to support local and national suicide prevention efforts.

Why Choose Happii

Mental Health Reminders

Our products help build healthy mental health skills such as positive self-talk and growth mindset

We Give Back

We give back 10% of our sales to mental health orgs and programs

Be Kind To The Earth

Our packages ship in biodegradable or recycled packaging