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Beautiful reminders to support your mental health journey.

Crewneck Sweatshirts (S-2XL)

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Plus Size Hoodies (3XL - 5XL)

Size-inclusive mental health hoodies.

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I was always ashamed to say I had anxiety because I felt it made me less than everyone else.

Finding your apparel has allowed me to no longer hide who I am.

I thank you for giving me the strength to be honest and open with my anxiety and the struggles that are associated with it. I have learned that I am good enough even if I have anxiety.

The encouraging note made me cry like maybe they have even a small idea of how difficult the fight is sometimes. Words aren’t really doing justice to how I feel getting all this. I’m so glad they donated a portion of the price of my shirt to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Thank you so much Happii. 💜

This semicolon dog message gives me hope that I can get through this hard time. Sometimes those around you cannot understand your grief and sadness. It helps me to know other people out there understand that it doesn't matter why you are sad, just that you are and you need encouragement. Thank you!

You guys mad