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Moms, Let's Break the Cycle

The Generational Curse

I lost an aunt to suicide.
My mom battles depression.
I, too, have faced depression.
But I refuse to accept that my children are destined for the same invisible battle.

Moms, if you're struggling with depression, anxiety, or any mental illness, this post is for you. 

What It's Like Being a Mom with Depression

Being a mom with depression is a lonely journey, laden with fears of failing your children and the concern of passing down depression, all while shouldering the heavy burden of societal expectations for perfect parenting.
It's about battling the guilt of not always being the 'happy' or 'energetic' mom you think you should be. In moments when you're expected to be a beacon of strength and love for your kids, internally, you're wrestling with your own tempests.


Moms, We Can Break the Cycle

After several years of struggle and hitting my rock bottom one night, I decided it was time to take charge. Rather than living in fear and guilt, worried about passing a “defect gene” to my children, I chose to transform my struggle into a meaningful journey.
I've made it my life's mission to understand mental health, to learn the skills to fight my illness, to pass those skills on to my children, and to help other women.
And here is what gave me hope for better days.


Neuroplasticity = Hope

As I delved deeper into understanding mental illness, what filled me with hope was learning about neuroplasticity—the brain's remarkable ability to adapt and change. We can “rewire” our brains to change our thought patterns, emotions, and reactions, providing a pathway for healing and growth. By training your brain to focus more on the positive aspects of life and less on the negative, you can initiate profound changes.
This knowledge was both empowering and liberating for me. Neuroplasticity shows that we are more than our struggles; we possess the choice and power to combat our challenges and rediscover joy!

Change Your Words, Change Your Life

One of the ways to rewire your brain is by using positive self-talk and affirmations.

The words we speak and the affirmations we repeat have the incredible power to shape our thoughts, moods, and ultimately, our lives. By consciously choosing positive words and affirmations, we can rewire our brain pathways, building a positive bias that lifts us from the depths of despair to the heights of hope.

This practice isn't just about silencing the inner critic—it's about replacing those critical, negative patterns with empowering, positive ones. When we consciously choose to focus on affirmations that uplift and support us, we're not only breaking free from the chains of negative self-talk; we're also laying the foundation for a mindset that embraces resilience, self-compassion, and optimism.

This belief is the cornerstone of happii, a brand born from a desire to spread positivity and resilience through the power of words. Each product we offer carries words that I have whispered to myself during my darkest times—words that I now wish to share with you.


Transformation Requires Repetition

Yet, transformation doesn't happen overnight. Building a new habit and pattern takes time and repetition. Our brains are wired to maintain the status quo. Thus we have to repeatedly interrupt existing old habit and intentionally engage in the new mindset and response we want to cultivate. Repetition is key.

The essence of happii lies in the belief that small reminders can spark big changes.  


Words To Live In: Your 24/7 Wearable Reminder

That’s exactly why I created the “Words To Live In” collection—a suite of products infused with powerful messages designed to help rewire your brain. Understanding firsthand the shock of a harsh inner critic striking in the most unexpected moments, I crafted word bracelets to be your constant companions.

Each piece carries a carefully selected word or phrase to foster self-love, resilience, and intentional living. Whether it's a bracelet that whispers "loved" in the moments you need it most or one that proudly proclaims "be kind" as a mantra for the world, each item is a piece of my heart, shared with you.



Never Take Them Off

Opting for waterproof, tarnish-free 14K gold-filled beads, I aimed for practicality alongside a refined, modern look that's also affordable. Whether at work or home, in the shower or during hot yoga, there's no need to ever take them off. These bracelets enable you to “live in” those empowering words, designed to support you 24/7, reminding you of your strength and worth every moment of the day.


Moms, Let's Rewrite the Family Narrative

Moms, our stories don’t end with our struggles. We are infinitely more than our mental health challenges. Now is the moment to select our words with kindness and purposeful intent. Embrace your path of healing and growth, and let it serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for your children. Together, we have the power to craft a new family narrative—one that celebrates resilience, champions self-love, and passes down the legacy of strength and positivity to the next generation.

Why Choose Happii

Rewire Your Brain

Seeing the positive words helps you spot those negative patterns and shift your mindset

Built to Last

Wear our pieces all-day every day to constantly reinforce your journey toward positive change.

Break the Cycle

Your healing starts breaking generational cycles, rewriting your family's narrative.

Make an Impact

When you buy from us, you become a champion for others! 15% profits go to mental health charities.

Words to Live In

Choose your words with Kindness and Intention