Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal
Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal

Semicolon Anchor | Transfer Sticker Decal

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Life can sometimes feel like a stormy sea, tempestuous and overwhelming. But remember, you are your own anchor. Even in the roughest waters, your presence, your spirit, and your life hold immeasurable value. You anchor the lives of those who love you, often in ways you might not even realize. So, let's anchor down together, riding out life's storms side by side. You're not alone, and the world is far better with you in it. 🌿⚓

We hid a heart and a semicolon in this beautifully designed anchor 💙⚓;

  • The anchor inspires hope and stability, especially when you find yourself navigating through life's stormy emotional seas.
  • The heart serves as a nudge for self-compassion, reminding you to be gentle with yourself.
  • The semicolon signifies resilience and your ability to continue your story, no matter the challenges you face. 

Check out the Semicolon Transfer Decal Bundle here; Get this sticker and 6 other semicolon transfer decals at a discount 😍 

How to use a transfer sticker

  1. Remove dirt and debris from the surface the sticker will be applied. Make sure the surface is dry
  2. Remove the sticker from the blue backing
  3. Place the sticker on the surface
  4. Press so that all the letters are transferred to the surface
  5. Gently peel the sticker


  • Size: 2.95" x 4"
  • Transfer decal
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Weatherproof
  • UV Protection
  • Ships within 7 business days

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