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Founded by a mom with anxiety and depression, happii's mission is to support your mental health through positive affirmations that you can wear and see daily.

Semicolon Collection is our new collection, designed to to inspire strenth to keep going.

For those suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts, semicolon has become a symbol of survival. A semicolon is used when an author might have ended a sentence but didnā€™t. You are the author of your life. Choose a semicolon; Because your story isn't over yet.

We hope that this collection reminds you that you can do hard things. Let's keep go;ng. Together.

10% of sales from Semicolon Collection goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Semicolon Collection

Let's Keep Going. Together.
From Our Customer

"The messages are so important to those who suffer and for the people that love us. The quality of the shirts is beyond compare. They are soft and wash without any change in the size or quality. Every message helps to rip the stigma away from mental illness and makes people more likely to reach out when they are in pain. I have already had people ask me what Keep Go;ng means. Even if it helps only one person then mission is accomplished."

Mental Health Reminders

Our products carry reminders for self-love and resilience. We carefully select supportive, non-judgemental, and encouraging messages (no toxic positivity!) and print them on pieces that you can see and wear daily.

Check out our hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and stationery.

We hope they remind you that you're worthy and enough the way you are.

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Soft big hugs for your good days and bad days

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We're honored to announce a partnership with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Massachusetts ChapteršŸ™

In 2022, a portion of your purchase will be used to support local and national suicide prevention efforts.