Pride Collection: Celebrate Who You Are

In honor of the Pride Month, we're excited to launch the Pride Collection!

This collection all about celebrating who you are and promoting compassion for each other.

Messages are printed in vibrant pride colors, and t-shirts come in the transgender flag colors 😍

We hope these t-shirts inspire more self-love in the LGBTQ community and kindness in the world 🌈

Mental Health Reminders

Hey friend. Thank you for stopping by.

Founded by a mom with anxiety and depression, happii's mission is to support your mental health through positive affirmations that you can wear and see daily.

Our products carry reminders for self-love and resilience. We carefully select supportive, non-judgemental, and encouraging messages (no toxic positivity!) and print them on pieces that you can see and wear daily.

Check out our hoodies, t-shirts, tank tops, and stationery.

We hope they remind you that you're worthy and enough the way you are.

Semicolon Collection

Let's Keep Going. Together.

Inspirational T-Shirts

Comfy shirts that inspire love, kindness, and strength